Human connection matters.

Our mission

Board-Certified Los Angeles Psychiatrists for all.

We aim to provide high quality, accessible psychiatric care through a holistic approach. We understand how human biology, social and psychological backgrounds, values, relationships, and social structures affect our mental health.

We seek to serve our entire community. We are an inclusive practice committed to serving everyone, including BIPOC individuals and the LGBTQ+ community. Our critical approach acknowledges the history of racism, sexism, transphobia, and homophobia in our field, the effect of structural violence and systems of oppression on mental health, and healthcare disparities affecting our communities. 

As psychiatric providers, we have advanced training in the safe use of medications to treat mental health problems. But we also know that medications are not (or may not be enough) for everyone. We work with our patients to design a comprehensive treatment plan that may include any combination of medications, psychotherapy, lifestyle changes, mindfulness and meditation, self-help, support groups, advocacy at school/work/in the community, neuromodulation, and alternative and complementary therapies.

Our team

Wenqi Feng, MD



Dr. Feng was born in Nanchang, China and immigrated with her parents to the U.S. when she was 6 years old. She attended medical school at Boston University School of Medicine, where she discovered her love of connecting with patients and listening to their stories. Dr. Feng then continued her training at UCLA where she completed a general adult psychiatry residency at the Semel Neuropsychiatric Institute. At UCLA, she trained in highly specialized clinics treating psychotic and mood disorders, anxiety disorders, neurodevelopment disorders, and addiction. She developed a special interest in reproductive psychiatry and helped many women navigate their psychiatric care during pregnancy and the post-partum. Dr. Feng is a co-founder of Regeneration Psychiatry. Additionally, she is a clinical instructor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and involved in mental health research at the Greater Los Angeles VA. Her hobbies include traveling, reading, and hiking. She is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Dr. Wenqi Feng is Board-Certified in Psychiatry.

冯文奇医生,Regeneration Psychiatry精神科医师兼联合创始人、UCLA医学院临床讲师、洛杉矶退伍军人医院(West Los Angeles VA)精神疾病研究员,中英文双语精通。

冯医生出生于中国南昌,6岁时随父母移民至美国定居,在美国波士顿大学求学期间即对心理学以及医学产生了浓厚的兴趣,于是最终选择精神科作为其主攻方向,并于2017年取得了美国波士顿大学医学博士学位。毕业后,冯医生前往美国加利福尼亚大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)进行精神科住院医生培训。得益于此次宝贵的经验,冯医生在抑郁症、焦虑症、 躁郁症,以及精神分裂症疾病相关的医疗技法得以进一步精进。与此同时,冯医生对产后抑郁症的专业疗法和研究,也帮助了许多孕期及产后心理疾病患者得以康复。


Justin Key, MD



Dr. Key was born and raised in Washington, DC. before venturing off the east coast. He received a BA in Human Biology from Stanford University and earned his MD from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Dr. Key had an early passion of bridging the gap between medicine and communities of color. His love of narrative and ability to connect patients to their personal stories led him to Psychiatry and he continued his training at UCLA’s Semel Neuropsychiatric Institute. He served as the residency’s Co-Chief of Justice, Equity, Diversion, and Inclusion (JEDI) for two consecutive years with the goal of greater equity amongst historically underrepresented peoples. As a resident, he trained in highly specialized clinics treating psychotic and mood disorders, anxiety disorders, addiction, and ADHD. Justin is also a father, husband, and a fiction author.

Dr. Justin Key is Board-Certified in Psychiatry.

Jobert Poblete, MD



Dr. Poblete was raised in Southern California (Ventura County). He went to college at UC Berkeley, where he studied anthropology and city planning. He then worked in the labor movement, helping workers in the food service industry organize for improved working conditions. He realized his passion for medicine after working as a volunteer at the Berkeley Free Clinic. He took a job in HIV prevention research with the San Francisco Department of Public Health, then went on to medical school at UC San Francisco. Dr. Poblete continued his training at UCLA, completing his internship at Harbor-UCLA and his general adult psychiatry residency at the Semel Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA. As a resident, he received extensive training in the treatment of severe and treatment resistant psychotic disorders and mood disorders, in community psychiatry, in the treatment of addiction, and in LGBTQ+ mental health. Dr. Poblete is a co-founder of Regeneration Psychiatry. He also works with patients struggling with homelessness and serious mental illness and who have been diverted from jail through the Los Angeles County Office of Diversion.

Dr. Jobert Poblete is Board-Certified in Psychiatry.

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